Dataset UI

The Open Data Blend Dataset UI makes it easy for both technical and non-technical users to browse through our catalogue of datasets and download data files. Behind the scenes, the Open Data Blend Dataset UI uses the same metadata that is openly available through the Open Data Blend Dataset API.

We have designed the Open Data Blend Dataset UI to be simple and intuitive enough for you to use without documentation. That said, there are still some things worth highlighting.

Data File Download Limit

There is a limit to the number of data files that can be downloaded without an access key. See the Usage Limit section for more details.

Datasets Grid

If you want to see the datasets organised into a grid, you can click the link in the information bar that says, 'To view the datasets by name click here'.

Relationship Diagrams

If you are viewing a dataset that has at least one direct relationship with one or more other tables in the same dataset, you will find relationship diagram links under the 'Useful Resources' section towards the bottom of the page. This is ideal for getting a high-level view of how the tables within a dataset are related.

Source Transparency

We are transparent about the data sources that are used to create Open Data Blend Datasets. You will always find links to the data sources that were used under the 'Data Sources' section on the Dataset page. If there were any other significant non-data source inputs that supported the creation of an Open Data Blend Dataset, such as documentation, you will find links to these in the 'Useful Resources' section.

Blend Classes

We use Blend Classes to provide an at-a-glance indication of how refined an Open Data Blend Dataset is. Each Open Data Blend Dataset has a 'Class I' status at a minimum. Typically, new datasets are published with a Class I badge and refined over time to achieve Class II and Class III.

Below is a table showing the name and description of each Blend Class:

Blend Class

Blend Class Description

Class I

Carefully structured and optimised for data analytics

Class II

Cleansed and enriched using domain knowledge

Class III

Supports drilling across with one or more other datasets

'Other datasets' in the above table is referring to Open Data Blend Datasets in particular.

Beta Datasets

From time to time, we will publish new Open Data Blend Datasets as betas to get early feedback and suggestions from our community of users. These datasets may go through any number of structural or data content revisions before coming out of beta. We do not recommend them for production use.

All beta datasets are clearly distinguished by a 'Beta' label.

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