The Open Data Blend Insights service currently works for Microsoft work or school accounts and Microsoft Outlook accounts. To successfully log in to access the reports, your Analytics User account needs to be associated with an email address belonging to one of these account types.

Open Data Blend Insights is a collection of business intelligence reports carefully designed to effectively visualise open data. The service is built on top of Open Data Blend Analytics and Power BI. Open Data Blend Insights reports are called 'Insight Reports'.

The Open Data Blend Insights UI includes three types of pages:

  • Report Catalogue

  • Report Profile

  • Report View

You only need a paid plan and the Insight Reports add-on to load and interact with Insight Reports on the Report View pages.

Report Catalogue

The Report Catalogue lists the available Insight Reports and those to be added soon. You will see a thumbnail of the report along with a summary of its contents.

Except for reports that are coming soon, clicking on a report tile will navigate to the report's profile page.

Report Profile

The Report Profile page serves three primary purposes:

  • Help you decide whether a report is likely to meet your needs

  • Provide report data and content licensing information

  • Act as an entry point to view and interact with the report

The page has three sections:

  • Report Summary

  • Report Gallery

  • Report Launcher

Report Summary

The Report Summary provides information on the data sources and target audience for which the report has been optimised.

The Report Gallery allows you to see what the report looks like. The screenshots contain actual data, so they are an excellent way to determine whether a report can support your decision-making process ahead of signing up for a paid plan.

Report Usage

The Report Usage section provides examples of analytical questions that the report can answer. This can help you to think about the questions you want to answer using the report. You will also see clear licensing information so there is no confusion about how the insights can be used.

Report View

The Report View is where you can view and interact with the live report.

Before you can view a report, you will need to sign in using your Analytics User account. Once you are signed in, you can navigate to and view other reports without being prompted to sign in again for at least an hour within the same browsing session.

If you are using Safari on macOS or any web browser on iOS to access an Insight Report, it may not load in the normal view. This is because the normal view requires cross-site tracking functionality which is disabled by default in these operating systems.

To view the report without having to change any privacy settings, you can launch the report in the fullscreen view.

After successfully signing in, the report will load and you can interact with it in the normal view or click 'Fullscreen' to open it in the fullscreen view.

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