Managing Access Keys

Access Keys are used to make authenticated requests to the Open Data Blend Dataset API. Whenever you use one of your access keys to request a data file, the usage will be associated with your Analytics Plan subscription. Without an access key, the number of data file requests that you can make is limited.

When starting a new Analytics Plan subscription, you may have noticed two fields called 'Access Key 1' and 'Access Key 2' on the Analytics Plan checkout page. These are presented but should be left blank. Your access keys will only be generated after you have successfully started your subscription.

In the future, these blank access key fields will no longer be presented during the Analytics Plan sign-up process.

Access Keys are a type of secret. Keep them safe and ensure that they are not shared with any unauthorised persons. If you believe that either of your access keys have been compromised, you should raise a request to have them rotated immediately.

Viewing Access Keys

You can view your access keys in the subscription portal by clicking the ’View More’ link on the Home page.

Both access keys will be visible in plain text so ensure that your screen is not visible to any unauthorised persons.

Once you have copied and saved the access keys to another secure location (e.g. a password manager or key vault), we strongly recommend that you remove them from the portal. This can be done by clicking the edit button in the Account Details section, blanking out the access key values, and then clicking ’Save’.

Strong encryption is used to store access keys in the subscription portal database. The actual values are only visible in the portal and are decrypted on-the-fly. We only store access key prefixes and hashes in the access key authentication system.

Using Your Access Keys

For guidance on how to use your access keys, please see the Data File section of the Open Data Blend Dataset API.

Rotating Access Keys

If you would like to rotate your access keys from time to time to keep in-line with security best practices, please use the 'Send Email' button in the subscription portal to raise a support request. When raising the request, include your subscription number, the name of the access key number that you wish to be regenerated (i.e. 'Access Key 1' or ’Access Key 2'), and ensure that you have updated your applications to use the alternate access key, where applicable.

We will always confirm the access key number to be regenerated before completing the request.

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