Subscription Portal
The Open Data Blend Subscription Portal lets you view and update the information associated with your Analytics Plan. You can access the subscription portal by clicking the 'Login' button on the Open Data Blend website.
It is important to note that the login details used for the Open Data Blend Subscription Portal are different from those used for the Open Data Blend Analytics service. This is because the person managing the subscription may not always be an Analytics User.
The Open Data Blend Subscription Portal has an intuitive interface and so this documentation will only focus on some key areas.
Once logged in, you will have access the following information:
    Contact details
    Payment details
    Payments made
    Statements of account
    Subscription history
    Access keys
You can perform any of the following actions:
    View subscription details (e.g. renewal date)
    View your access keys
    Cancel your subscription
    Update your contact details
    Update your payment details
    Reset your subscription portal password
    Manage analytics users
    Contact our support team
    Submit a review of our services
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