Report Drill Throughs

When exploring an Insight Report, drill throughs enable you to explore an area of interest in more detail.

For example, in the Pharma Market Insights report, if you were interested in seeing trends for Paracetamol, you could right-click the name in the Prescribing Items table to display the context menu which includes an option to drill through.

If the report has been designed to support drilling through to another detail page, the relevant drill through page options will be listed when you click the 'Drill through' menu item.

It is a good idea to right-click report elements to see the available options. What can be done will depend on the type of data visualisation and the design of the report.

Upon clicking one of the drill through options, the report will navigate to another page with a focus on the item that you drilled through on. If we use the Pharma Market Insights report as an example, the action would navigate to a page with the trends for the Paracetamol British National Formulary (BNF) chemical substance.

In some reports, a data visualisation may have multiple levels of drill down. For these, there can be additional drill through options at each level.

In our Pharma Market Insights report example, the Prescription Items table has two levels: a BNF chemical substance level, and a BNF description level. If you right-click on 'Paracetamol 500mg tablets' after drilling down to the BNF description level and then click the drill through to 'Trends | BNF Description'...

...the report will navigate to a report page with the trend visualisations for 'Paracetamol 500mg tablets'.

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